Thursday, August 8, 2013

Toy Story: Bo Peep

Here she is! The rare and only Bo Peep with sheep from the original Toy Story Thinkway collection. I've had this one since my collection started in 1995. I never knew how rare and sought after she was until just a few years ago—glad I kept her nice with all her accessories (except her shoes and socks unfortunately)!

I don't have the original box, but there are mint ones currently on eBay that sell for approximately $150-$250. Get one while you can if you don't have this item! No Toy Story collection is complete without Bo.


  1. Another incredible piece for your collection! I was such a more laid back collector then so I am missing quite a few of those earlier pieces!

  2. Thank you! Well it's funny cause I wasn't a massive collector then either since I was only 5 just so happened my mom must have seen this at the store and got it for my collection back in the day not ever realizing how popular it would become later on!