Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pixar Collection: Little Golden Books

Here is my collection of Pixar Little Golden Books! These are great. I love the style of the illustrations (most of the style is consistent but Brave and Monsters Inc. are a different look from the rest) and the authors do a very good job at condensing the films into short stories. These will be fun to read to my kids someday and look great with any Pixar collection. There is one representing each film except The Incredibles (as you see though, Jack Jack Attack is included) and A Bug's life. If you see these around, flip through them! They're pretty adorable.

 UPDATE: 2/10/14
Another welcome addition to my "Little Golden Books" collection, here is Mater and the Ghost Light! This book is based on Pixar's 2006 short film which is included on the Cars DVD and BluRay as well as the Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1.

Some cool tidbits on this short: 
  • It was co-directed by Monsters University Director Dan Scanlon
  • It was co-written by Joe Ranft before he passed away (his last project)
  • It was Paul Newman's (voice of Doc Hudson) last project before he passed away

I really love all these books, from the short/simplified stories to the illustration style. I'm looking forward to giving them to my kids someday to read! Look for another post soon on the very last one in my collection and thanks to my parents for this Christmas present.

UPDATE: 2/20/14
Here's another cute and simple "Little Golden Book." This one is based on the classic Pixar short film Presto, which was released in 2008 along side Wall-E in theaters.  It's a cool one to have since there really aren't too many Presto items out there (I'm still looking for that Presto Alec Azam bunny plush that was sold exclusively at the & Pixar). As you may know, anything out there that's Pixar short film related, I'll grab in a heartbeat!

This one is especially cool since it was illustrated by Pixar's very own, Teddy Newton. He was one of character designers for the actual short and has worked on many projects there at the studio. Besides his work in the art and animation departments, Teddy was also the director of the great short Day & Night and has had many voice cameos throughout the films since his work as the newsreel narrator in The Incredibles. Click on the IMDB link above to check out his whole filmography, you might be surprised at some of the characters he has voiced.

If you're interested in grabbing this book for your collection, you can find it on Amazon (which also has a pre-order for the Kindle edition coming out on February 26th) or eBay below for very cheap prices:

 UPDATE: 3/01/14
Today's post is my final update to my Pixar Little Golden Books collection until they happen to release more. Here is You're Friend the Rat based on the short film that was released with the Ratatouille home video release back in 2007. 

 This book was written by Jim Capobianco who was also the director, writer and the narrator voice in the short. He was also involved with the original story of Ratatouille, Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Lion King. He was also a story artist on many of the earlier Pixar films.

The book is also illustrated by 10 Pixarians! There's Willy Hwang, Teddy Newton, Jeff Pidgeon, Jamie Frye, Sanjay Patel, Bob Scott, Craig Foster, Scott Morse, Nate Wragg and Sam Marin.  

 As usual with all the Little Golden Books, this one is great. It is simply written (a great little summary of the full story) and has the classic and cute LGB style illustrations. If this isn't part of your collection, be sure to grab it on Amazon here! There is a hardcover edition like mine shown here or there is also a Kindle electronic edition.

Or if you'd like to buy it off eBay, check out the current listings in the link below:

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