Friday, August 9, 2013

Monsters Inc: Electronic Factory Playset and Figure Giftpacks


One of my absolute favorite sets I have! A must own for any Monsters Inc. fan. Here we have the Electronic Monsters Inc. Factory playset from Hasbro! It's from 2001 and part of the original Monsters Inc. product line released. It's loaded with tons of fun features and sounds...perfect for creating scenes from the movie! My young nieces and nephews absolutely love this and it keeps them entertained for long periods of time.

Here is the front and back of the original box:

It comes with three figures (seen below): Sulley, Mike and Randall.

 On the inside of the factory, there four areas of play that are based off of key locations in the film: The scare floor, the room that leads to Randall's secret layer (with hatch to fall through), the layer itself (with the scream extractor and chair included) and the scaring practice bedroom (with "dummy" that pops up and screams)! 

  The outside also has two areas from the film: the outside/main lobby to Monsters Inc (seen below)...

 ...And the outside of Mike and Sulley's apartment/streets of Monstropolous! 

 In addition to the three figures included here, there were two more "figure gift packs" released that are meant to be used with this Factory (seen below):

And here are some pictures of the figures from these packs populating the playset! Like mentioned, they're perfect for creating scenes from the movie:

 Here is the hatch that leads to Randall's secret the button to drop a character down! 

Love the door track! Sulley can ride Boo's door all the way down the track and onto the scare floor! One of the most classic, imaginative and genius scenes ever put on film in my opinion. When are the ever gonna make that into a real hanging type roller coaster at the Disney Parks! Seemed like a no brainer for an incredible ride! Maybe someday...

Check out my Vine account soon for videos on how some of the features/sounds work here on this playset! Enjoy and try to track this down on eBay! It's worth it.

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