Monday, August 12, 2013

Pixar Collection: Buildables

This is a fun little set called "Pixar Buildables." Last summer, I was walking out of Kmart one day (while on a toy run of course) and I did a double take at one of those cheap toy "25 cent machines" (that are always near the exits, the ones you put in a quarter or two and twist the handle) and saw these! I immediately went out to my car to see if I could round up some coins. I found quite a few and went back in the store to test my luck. I got just a few before I started getting repeats...then I ran out of coins. 

I drove home to get more quarters and then drove all the way back to Kmart to try a few more times. I got almost all of them (and gave the extras to my nieces and nephews) but gave up eventually. I went home and found you could just get them online for really cheap! So I ordered the last few I didn't have. They are still on eBay and are not rare or expensive by any means. They're very cheap plastic but stylized and kind of fun...good to display too! So I would snag them if you want an inexpensive Pixar collection to display on your desk at work or whatever.

 As you can see below with Hamm, the head splits apart. You can store the bottom inside and close the two sides together if you want it as just a ball. 

Thanks for checking out today's post! Keep checking every day for updates from my collection!

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