Friday, August 16, 2013

Partysaurus Rex: Tubtime Buddies & Partysaurus Boat Playset

toy story partysaurus rex tubtime buddies

Check out this cool set of toys (which is actually the only set of toys) from Partysaurus Rex! This sub-series of the Toy Story Buddy Pack collection is called "Tubtime Buddies" and features buddy pack figures that change color in water. This collection includes five characters from the popular Toy Story Toon including: Partysaurus Rex himself (this one is an exclusive to the boat playset), Captain Suds, Cuddles, Drips, and Chuck (who is also an exclusive to the boat playset). Other characters you already probably have (non-specific to Partysaurus Rex), such as Buzz and Woody, are included here as well.

Note: Another version of the Partysaurus Rex figure is out there too. He comes in a 2-Pack with Shark from the first Toy Story. I'll need to track that one down too since that version of Rex has the beaded necklace and peace sign! Can't believe I missed him.

Partysaurus Boat Playset
toy story partysaurus rex tubtime boat playset
toy story Partysaurus Boat Playset

The "Partysaurus Boat" playset lights up and has a dunk feature to dunk the characters in water from the top deck (resulting in them changing color when icy water is used; warm water changes them back). Really neat stuff! It's really the perfect toy for any young Toy Story fan's bath time. And as mentioned, there are two exclusive figures included so you can't go wrong here.

These were released in late 2012 but are still pretty easy to find at stores (Toys R Us and Target). Definitely pick these up if you're a fan of Toy Story and/or Partysaurus Rex like me! It's kind of rare to get products from Pixar's short films so get it while you have the chance.

Check 'em out— 

Action Hero Buzz Lightyear with Cuddles
toy story partysaurus rex cuddles bathtime buddies

 Woody with Captain Suds
toy story partysaurus rex captain suds bathtime buddies

Communicator Buzz Lightyear with Drips
toy story partysaurus rex drips whale bathtime buddies

toy story partysaurus rex chuck figure bathtime buddies

 Partysaurus Rex
toy story partysaurus rex figure bathtime buddies

UPDATE- 8/29/17:
After all these years, I finally took these guys out of their packages (mainly for a picture I was taking for Instagram). So here they are loose and ready to party! 

toy story partysaurus rex bath time buddies figures

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