Sunday, August 25, 2013

Toy Story 3: Dr. Pork Spaceship

This is a really cool item from 2010...the electronic Toy Story 3 Evil Dr. Porkchop Spaceship with lights and sounds! It's part of the Buddy Pack collection and came with two buddy figures—Buzz Lightyear and Dr. Porkchop himself.

This is a huge item with lots of cool features:

The nose lights up and makes laser firing sounds!
The ship opens up to reveal the command center playset! Porkchop's cockpit has flashing lights and sounds. Press button to release the escape pod.

 Fold out the ladders and ride the elevator! 

 Rescue Woody from the prison chambers! 
This is selling for around $100 these days but it's worth every penny if you decide to go for it! If you're looking to grab it, you can find it with no problem on either eBay or on Amazon.

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