Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cars: Tractor Tippin' Track Set

 If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! Today's post is about the Radiator Springs Classic Tractor Tippin' Trackset exclusive to Toys R Us! It's a fun little playset for recreating the classic tractor tippin' scene from Cars. It includes a plastic 1:55 scale Frank and a plastic "scared" Lightning Mqueen. The two plastic tractors are attached to the track and are not removable unfortunately.

This set has been released previously, but it's nice to have it back since I missed it the first time! It's about $25 and is still very easy to find at Toys R Us stores everywhere or Amazon.

Press the button and Mcqueen blasts his way through the fence and the tractors tip over!

Check out my Dan the Pixar Fan Vine to see a brief video of how this set works and thanks for stopping by! Check back often as I update this blog with a new item from my Pixar collection daily!

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