Thursday, August 22, 2013

Toy Story: Falling With Style Track Set

 Here we have yet another fantastic item from my Toy Story Collection... the "Falling With Style" track set from Hot Wheels! It's almost straight out of the film, except that the loop is quite a bit smaller (in the movie, Buzz is able to ride the car through the entire loop. That's not possible here). Even though it's not the exact scale as it is in the movie, this set works great and looks awesome. I would absolutely recommend it to any Toy Story fan/collector.

Check out the Screen shots below to compare the set featured in the film:

This set comes with the same "Red Baron" car from the classic scene and includes a 1:64 scale Buzz figure to ride on top. After the track/loop is assembled (it takes just 5-10 minutes), attach the top clamp to a dresser, night stand, desk, etc. Last but not least, adjust the "catch ramp" near the bottom and your ready to send Buzz flying down the track. Check out my Vine video to see this track set in action! 

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