Sunday, August 11, 2013

Toy Story: Mr. Mike

 This week I'm in New Hampshire for a family vacation but I made sure to bring pictures to continue the blog here! Today's post we have the one and only Mr. Mike from Toy Story. He's from Playskool (1996) and works as a real microphone, tape player, voice changer/recorder and even a radio. He's to scale to the character in the film (is just about a near perfect replica) and of course goes great with all the rest of the Toy Story collection full-scale characters from ThinkWay Toys.

I had this when it first came out, but unfortunately it was the only item of my originally Toy Story collection that I ever lost track of. It has now become pretty hard to find online for a decent and affordable price, but I was lucky to have tracked this particular one down a few years ago for a great price on Craiglist. It does show up on eBay once in a while, so I'd definitely check there to see if any are currently being sold. 

I have very vivid memories of playing my Toy Story soundtrack on cassette through Mr. Mike here. It really brings back some good times having this a part of my collection again. If you're trying to track down each toy in Andy's room, this is a must have! Even if kids don't use cassette tapes anymore, this is still a fun character to own with a timeless design. 

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