Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cars: Casa Della Tires Playset

In 2006, Mattel released four play sets that made up much of the classic Radiator Springs town seen in Cars. There was Casa Della Tires, Curio Shop, Flo's V8 Cafe and Ramone's House of Body Art-all with working lights just like in the movie! These have to be my favorite items in my Cars collection and are even in my top faves for my entire Pixar collection. I just love the look and feel of Radiator Springs in the film and I love how these play sets capture that with incredible detail. This week I will be posting all four play sets and also two play sets from the Disney Parks/Store that go along almost perfectly with these. There will also be a video so you can see the lights and entire play set in actio.

In addition, as you may notice if you're familiar with this set, that a couple stacks of tires are missing. This was an eBay purchase so it was the best I could do...if I wanted one complete it would have been much more expensive as these play sets already sell for over $100 incomplete. New in box prices sometimes get crazy! I figured it had enough tires to look good.

 Here we have Guido and Luigi at their shop (Not included).

 Turn the sign above to make the tires topple over! 

The play set opens up to reveal the full shop! Here you'll find fun little details all around. 

 Turn the crank to test your new tires!

  Lift the car up to be worked on then send them on their way down the ramp in the back!

And here is a preview of the town all put together! More detailed pics coming later after each individual play set post. Stay tuned! 

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