Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brave: "Bear Playset" from The Disney Store

A few days back, I posted the Disney Store Exclusive Brave figurine set (seen HERE). I mentioned that Mor'du was one of the main characters that I had wished was in that pack but I totally forgot about the "Bear Playset" also from Disney Store! 

This set is meant to go with the figurine set (as the figures included are the same size and have the same paint/detail/make as the other ones) so you can act out the climatic and emotional finale from Brave!

The playset itself is designed after the most iconic and important location in the movie...the ruins. It includes Mum Bear, Merida with the tapestry and the evil (I know he was redeemed but still)) Mor'du. There is a little action feature where you can slide Mor'du back in forth to attack (using the small lever in the front).

If you're a Brave fan, this is a definitely something you'll want to track down! It looks great on display with your other Disney Store Brave figures and is pretty fun. It's very easy to track down and has actually gone down in price quite a bit. You can find these on eBay (and maybe still at the store) for as low as $11.00.

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