Monday, September 30, 2013

Toy Story: ABC Shorts

I thought this would make a fun post today (I'll have another post with an item from my collection later on as well). Years ago, ABC aired these Toy Story shorts (like 30 seconds to a minute) during their classic "One Saturday Mornings!" These are also included on the Toy Story DVD under "Toy Story treats". I know Woody is voiced by Tom Hank's brother Jim Hanks but I'm not sure what other characters are not voiced by the original actors. Sometimes it's hard to tell as they're pretty good at finding "sound alikes!" Many of you are familiar with these but others probably have never heard of these before. Either way, these are fun little clips to watch so check them all out below! 

The Toy Story Toon: Small Fry was not the first time we saw a "happy meal" version of Buzz. This one is pretty hilarious! It's called "Happy Snacky" and includes fast food versions of, not only Buzz, but Woody, Hamm and Rex as well. Enjoy!

"Waiting for Andy"

"Are Toys Afraid of the Dark?" Toy Story of Terror is not the first time we've seen the toys tell spooky stories!Plus, we get to hear more from Shark who only had very brief dialog in Toy Story!

"Woody's Nightmare"

"Woody Vs. Lenny Staring Contest"

"Woody Imposter"

"Deep in the Shadows"

"Circus Gag"

"Robotic Aliens"

"Force Field"

"Paleontological Debate"

"Road Block"

"Channel Surfing"

"New Aliens on the Block"

"Did I do That?"

"Buzz Becomes Obsolete"

"Why Doesn't Andy just get Cable?"

"Wallstreet Report"

"Jurassic Extinction"

"Rex is in Danger?"

And then there's this one which I couldn't get to upload here on the blog. I guess Toy Story of Terror isn't the first time we've seen the return of a 12" Combat Carl toy. Here he is marching along with the green army men!

What's your favorite? Any thoughts? Please comment below and thanks for dropping by! 

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