Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cars: Ramone's House of Body Art Playset

 Part three of the Pixar Cars Radiator Springs play sets: Ramone's House of Body Art! The town would not be complete without it. This is another great play set from Mattel's 2006 line that goes along with the three others (see below in the picture of the back of the box):

 Unlike the last two, luckily I was able to get this one on eBay new in box for a decent price. This sells currently for about $50-$90.

Like the Casa Della Tires play set, this one opens up to real the full shop with multiple features-including light up neon sign (night video of the all lights in action coming this week)!

 Rotating, movable window platform to show off your new paint job (Ramone not included)!

 Bring your cars over to the paint station for a fresh new paint job!

 Then check it out in the mirror...lookin' good!

Sneak preview of all the town together:

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