Sunday, September 22, 2013

La Luna: Book and Plush

When I saw Pixar's short film La Luna in theaters last year, I was once again captivated by Pixar's signature magic and charm. Besides the beautiful animation and imagery, one of the first things that came to my mind was that it felt like a classic children's picture-book style story...Like something I would have read when I was little. I thought, someone has got to make this into an illustrated book!

In the fall time, the Disney Store did indeed publish it into a book with fantastic illustrations that really capture the film. It was just like I pictured! The book is written and illustrated with water colors by the director of the film himself, Enrico Casarosa. If you were able to get this Disney Store version when it was available (unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of this when this was taken), you'll notice that it is signed by Enrico on the opening page! Very cool stuff.

To go along with the book, the Disney Store also release a plush doll of the main character from the story, the little Italian boy Bambino! You were able to purchase them individually or as a set. 

Like most items from Pixar's short films, this book and plush have become very hard to find. The only version of the book found on Amazon for a decent price is the electronic one for the Kindle-which is $10. The hardcover copy, I was very surprised to find out, sells for over $300 new and over $150 used! I had no idea when I got this last Christmas that it would become so unavailable so soon! The Bambino plush is still relatively reasonable on Amazon or Ebay for about $30.

This is one out of seven "short films plush" that I've been lucky enough to own. The other ones are the Gopher from Boundin', Alec the bunny from Presto, Stu from Lifted, Bird from For the Birds and the Jackalope/lamb 2-pack from Boundin'

These items are awesome additions to any Pixar fan's collection-especially if you're a big fan of La Luna! If you have happen to have an opportunity to snag this, go for it while you have the chance.


  1. We love this set and were so happy to have bought the signed version as well! :)

  2. Awesome!! Not surprised you were able to snag this as well : )You guys are the best collectors out there! Yah it's interesting that some disney store exclusives sell out way fast and become so rare and expensive and some stick around for a long time, go on sale for cheap and are easy to track down for years...glad I got this while I had the chance instead of thinking I could just buy it later! : )