Saturday, September 28, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Dolly

Here we have the Toy Story Collection Dolly from Toy Story 3! Once again, Thinkway's Toy Story collection has provided us with an almost near perfect replica of the character with certificate of authenticity included. 

The only thing that makes this one not 100% film accurate (there always seems to be some little detail missing) is the absence of her one tooth (as seen below in Pixar's official rendering)...but this is the best Dolly available so definitely pick this one up if you're trying to collect all of Bonnie's toys! 
I mean, just look at the animated version of her above and compare to the toy's just so spot on! The expression, the texture, the materials used, the buttons, etc. It's almost like she jumped right out of the movie!

I'm really surprised to find that this Dolly is almost nowhere to be found online anymore! I checked my two main sources, eBay and Amazon and didn't even find one. I guess it has become pretty rare, unfortunately!

The only other version of Dolly ever made was the Disney Store plush version (seen below, image from Google and is not my own). This one of course is just a plush and is all made from the same soft/fuzzy material. It's not really meant to be a replica, doesn't have felt hair, doesn't have plastic buttons/eyes, is a bit small in scale and so on...but it does have the tooth, haha! This one is still easy to find online and is the best alternative to the Toy Story Collection one, if need be. 

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