Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cars: Mater's Junkyard Playset

 Here is post five out of six of the Cars Radiator Spring play sets and the first not from Mattel...Mater's Junkyard play set from Disney Parks! It's currently at Cars Land and can be found at Downtown Disney and other parks and retails for about $35. It's not on anymore but can still be easily found on eBay for good prices if you're interested. I could see this becoming rare someday so get it while you still can!

Mattel never released a Mater's Junkyard set to go along with their town, but this is a near perfect fit with it. It's only a tad smaller than it should be but I think it's actually pretty perfect and there isn't much need for it to be any bigger. It comes with a little mini remote controlled Mater (see picture above) but I didn't get this for him and have not even used that at all or put batteries in it. I only got this for the actual play set to go with my other Mattel play sets/diecasts- but I'm sure the remote control car and feature is fun as well.Also included with this set is a foam junkyard play mat.

This play set is great with all sorts of little accessories to place around the junkyard like tires and break-apart barrels. 

As you can see it's a great way to display Mater and Mcqueen with boot...and yes Mater can fit through under the sign! 

 The foam mat that this comes with makes a fantastic addition to the whole town when combined with the Mattel playsets and really adds to the diorama! It just so happens that the mats that come with these Disney Parks playsets are the SAME width of the Mattel ones. So it worked out really good (I don't think it was planned that way) and it's a perfect addition to the town (see picture below to see the whole town together and what I mean about the mats being the perfect size).

Check back tomorrow for the final play set from my Radiator Springs collection...The Courthouse! There will also be more pictures of the town together and a video of the light up features. Stay tuned!

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