Friday, September 13, 2013

Pixar Collection: Disney Heroes Figure Set

Here is a set of six PVC "Disney Heroes" (technically, two of them are villains) Pixar figures- A Disney Theme Parks exclusive! I got this while I was in Disney World in 2011. It was available for some time, however, it has long since been sold out and has become pretty rare from what I understand.

This figure gift pack includes: Mr. Incredible, Sulley, Randall, Syndrome, Buzz Lightyear and Woody. They're about 2-3 inches tall and have a great "Buddy Pack" style to them, which I was really drawn to. The design of each character in this set was done by the well known Disney Design artist, Ron Cohee.

This set isn't on eBay too often but keep checking  periodically to see if you can snag this for a decent price.  Who knew this set would be sought after?


  1. Ah! I saw this one a few years back while visiting Walt Disney World. Should've gotten it when I had the chance...

  2. Ahhh...frustrating! That has happened to me so many times when I see something I like and then say to myself I'll get it later only to find out it's gone or hard to find! Some things stay so common that they sell for super cheap/go on sale eventually and other things suddenly become rare. You just never know!