Monday, September 9, 2013

Pixar Collection: The Pixar Treasures

  This book is a goldmine for Pixar fans and collectors... Here we have The Pixar Treasures by Tim Hauser! In this book you'll find the story of Pixar from the very beginning up through the present (well up to 2010 when this book was published). 

This is not just a book. It's an amazing collection of history, memorabilia and replicas including art, photos, sketches, flip books, storyboards, posters and all kinds of removable keep sake pull outs (many of which are never before seen and exclusive to this book). It's basically Pixar's very own scrapbook! 

 The outer cover slips off and there we have the book itself. It's hardcover and extremely well made. It's colorful, organized throughout and has great page designs and layouts. 

The book 64 pages and 28 chapters of pure Pixar magic. This is a GREAT, fun to read collector's item and a must have for any Pixar fan out there. Currently sells for about $50 (NEW) on Amazon.

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