Monday, September 16, 2013

Small Fry: D23 Buzz Lightyear

Well, a new semester is starting my wife got me a "back to school present" for the first day of classes! Here we have the 2013 D23 expo exclusive Toy Story Toons: Small Fry Buzz lightyear collectible figure (phew..that was a mouthful).

The most outer box (seen above and below) is great and really captures the toon. Love the detail of the grease stain seeping through the box as if there's fried chicken in there.

 Once the outer box is opened you'll find another box! This one is more of a "fun meal" box replica straight out of the film. The design of the logo is hilarious and I love how the handle resembles a many details! It even has a maze and a word search on the sides just like it would at a typical fast food restaurant. 

 Once you open that box, you finaly get to your Buzz figure! He comes in this plastic case for display and is not really meant to come out...but it's personal preference. I'm gonna be keeping him in there so I don't wreck anything. There's no convenient way to get him out unless you don't care about ruining the case. 

It's a fun little figure, perfectly painted and with every detail from the film! It's like he came right out of the TV screen.

This is a must have for any avid Pixar fan or collector so get it on Ebay while you have the chance! Right now they're not too expensive at all.

A big thanks to fellow Pixar fan Kevin and The Pixar Post for helping me get this straight from the Expo and to my wife Brita for hookin' me up!

UPDATE 9/17/13:
My good friends over at The Pixar Post posed a good question to me after reading this review...they wondered "does he have wheels on the feet?" just like in the film? After some searching online (since I have not taken him out to see for myself), I found this image over at that confirms that he DOES in fact have wheels! Great touch Mattel.


  1. Woo Hoo - glad to help Dan! You know what we're still wondering though (since a reader asked)...does he have wheels on his feet? No one that we know has opened it yet to find out...have you heard at all? - T.J.

  2. He sure does! Found a review of him here

    shows lots of loose images and I was totally hoping this reviewer would show the feet...and he did!

    1. Awesome - I got your message in the forum as well! That is great news for sure and good find on that! That is super cool that they also included wheels on the bottom of his! :)

  3. I found the trick to opening him without destroying the box! Theres just two pieces of tape that have to be cut and with patience it can all go back together.

  4. Good to know Zach! That's great to know : )

  5. That's great to know Zach! Thanks for letting me know : )