Saturday, September 21, 2013

Toy Story: Burger King Puppets

 This is kind of a funny post because it's, well, a little random...but hey! It's Pixar so it works.

When I was back home this summer, going through all my childhood toys, I found these guys at the bottom of my puppet bin (now they are added to my main Pixar collection of course so they don't feel abandoned). When I was little, I loved to collect puppets and, of course, I loved Toy Story. So I know exactly why I originally got these...Toy Story and puppets combined was just awesome to me I guess!

These were originally available at Burger King back in 1995. I just looked them up on eBay and they're not hard to find or expensive at all if you wanna grab them for whatever reason, haha! So apparently, there were four total: These three and Woody! I guess I never got the Woody one. How could I miss him back in the day? Should I snag it on eBay for old times sake just to have the complete collection?  

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