Thursday, September 26, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Bullseye

Today I'm gonna continue The Toy Story Collection with non other than Woody's trusted steed Bullseye! This is without a doubt the definitive Bullsye toy/'s perfect! It's incredibly well made and the detailing in the stitching, design, materials and expression are just spot on and completely in line with the film. 
This is probably my favorite item from the TSC. Not only because it's, in my opinion, the most accurate of them all, but because I actually never had a Bullseye when I was little! Believe it or not, this was the first Bullseye I ever added to my full size collection.
In 1999, when Toy Story 2 first came out, there was never an official, full size Bullseye released from Thinkway (Or any company for that matter).  I remember really wanting one though and wondering why Bullseye never came out and when he would! Yes, there maybe have been Disney Store and Disney Parks basic plush/bean bags over the years until this release, but I don't recall any movie detailed/size release until this Toy Story Collection one came out in 2010! I'm pretty sure this was the first one that was released that has Bullseye's actual scale, materials, floppiness and other detailing from the film.

This Bullseye even has sounds (galloping, music, etc. which can be turned off), includes different modes of play and a fantastic display stand so you can display Bullseye while standing...which is awesome! The sounds are fun, but it's the ONLY thing that makes this not 100% accurate (but that is nitpicking). Like I said  though, they can be turned off if you want it more like the Bullseye in the film!

This Toy Story Collection Bullseye is not available anymore BUT he was re-released (under the renamed Toy Story "Signature Collection." He can currently and easily be found at Toys R Us check your local stores if you're trying to track this down! Chances are you'll find him right there in the Toy Story section. 

Since I didn't get a video of this Bullseye in action, here is a brief YouTube video from user "weaim2pleez" that shows off some of the sounds and features! 

The only other Bullseye that can be considered one that is in line with the movie and is accurate in scale (that I know of) is the 2011 Disney Store release (seen below-image from Google and is not my own):

Also, I did just find this image on eBay of an original, 1999 Bullseye from Mattel but I can't tell how big it is! Could this have been the first, semi-film accurate size Bullseye that I just missed back in the day? Or is this just a smaller, electronic plush that I would have passed up on? Anyone out there have or know anything about this one?

One last note...Why has there NOT been a Toy Story Collection or movie accurate scale Stinky Pete released!? It still confuses me since he is one of the main characters in Toy Story 2 and part of the round-up gang. Not to mention he's the only one we actually see in his box! Does Disney think that he'll be a shelf warmer and not sell just like in the movie?

Has anyone else wondered why we haven't seen a Stinky Pete as much as me? Any clue as if we'll see one soon? A Disney Store version (like they did with only took him 13 years to finally be released) would be perfectly fine with me. Lets hope we'll finally see one soon!

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