Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toy Story: Buddy Pack Action Links

Man, are these fun! Here is my collection of Toy Story "Action Links!" which is a series of small scale playsets that join together to form a chain reaction (meant to be used with the Toy Story "Buddy Pack" figures).

Below I'll highlight each individual set and be sure to check out the video at the end to see them all in action. Can you tell I'm really excited about today's post? I absolutely love this line.

The first is called "Jessie to the Rescue" and includes the mine-cart, track and train car seen here (Jessie figure is included). Note: You can connect these play sets in any order you want and don't have to connect them in the order I have shown here. They are all completely interchangeable.

The second set is called "Buzz saves the Train" and includes the train, track and the device that causes Buzz to "fly" (whatever you would call that) and includes the Buzz figure seen below.

The third here is called "Evil Dr. Porkchop Attacks" and includes the Dr. Porkchop spaceship (that drops a barrel of monkeys), Buzz on his, again whatever that flying mechanism is called, and the purple sports car that splits in half! (alien not included)

The fourth one is called "Sunnyside Breakout." It includes everything you see below from the Sunnyside wall (the blue wall with the zip line going off of it) to the yellow slide. It came with Woody and Big Baby buddy pack figures.

The fifth set is definitely the biggest set (with five pieces-one is barely out of the frame..oops!) and is called "Junkyard Escape!" It includes everything seen below from the junkyard "claw" and to the right of it. It didn't include Chunk but did include Woody, Lotso and an Alien.

The sixth one is called "Moving Truck Chase" and it's the only set here based on a scene from the original film. It includes RC, the ramp and the moving truck (with "The Big One" rocket on top for Buzz to attach to). Buzz not included with this one.

Almost there! The seventh set is called "Al's Toy Barn Escape." It includes the classic cow shopping cart, ramp and the Toy Barn itself with collapsing roof! No figures were included.  

And last but not least; the eighth set, seen below, is called "Airport Adventure" and includes everything seen below.  

Anyway, lets get to what we've been waiting for. Check out the brief video below to see them all in action together! Don't blink or you might miss goes by pretty quick.

In addition to the eight sets I've shown here, there was a ninth set called "Space Ranger Training Center" that was sold exclusively at Walmart. UPDATE 7/13/17- After all these years, I've finally added this playset to my collection! Check out my entire detailed write-up on it HERE.

Thanks for checking out today's post and be sure to come back everyday to see which items I've added to my collection. :)

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