Monday, September 23, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Rex

Following the TSC (Toy Story Collection) RC I showed a few weeks back (seen HERE), here is the TSC Rex released a couple of years ago! As always with this collection, this toy is exceptional's more like an electronic replica! This Rex is one of the best ones made yet (made from Pixar's original digital data) and includes an official certificate of authenticity and is very movie accurate (besides the fact that Rex has no electronics or motorized features in the film, of course).

Even though we never saw the box that Rex came in in the Toy Story films, this is what the filmmakers over at Pixar imagined what the box would have looked like. Pretty neat design! It's as Rex is escaping a wooden crate somewhere in the jungle near an erupting volcano. 

This Rex is on the harder side to find now and sells for over $100 on eBay currently.

I haven't taken this one out of the package, just so I can keep him as nice as possible for now, so I don't have any loose pictures...but below are a few more packaged shots so you can get the idea.

Click on the image above to see the back of the package which includes all the features included with this toy! And below is a short video to show you Rex in action if you haven't already.

The Disney Store this year also released their version of Rex (seen below) which, in all honesty, looks even closer to the film because of the cheaper, shinier plastic...but the Disney Store one (which sells for only $25) is definitely a cheaper material, less durable and is a lesser quality product all around. UPDATE- the Disney Store Rex has been added to my collection (seen HERE).


  1. Another one we're jealous that you have!! Nope, we don't have the official Toy Story collection Rex - and I know that's hard to believe!

    We have all of the Toy Story collection with the exception of Rex, Jessie and Buzz (with Utility belt). We just picked up the re-release of RC the other day so we're hoping they also re-release Rex!!

    As far as the Rex quality, you are 100% right that the Disney Store version is not the same at all. He is a really hard, shiny plastic that really doesn't have the build quality of the softer plastic Thinkway Toy Rex! Toys'R'Us released a Rex that was exactly the same shell as the official Toy Story collection Rex last year (without his voice box or moving arms and legs). The newer version also didn't come in the official box either so that was a bummer.

    Great info as always!

  2. I would have sworn you had this one! Definitely surprised to hear...sorry you missed it! I hope it's re-released again soon like RC! It seems like they've mostly all had re-releases so far so I'd say the chances are petty good.

    Yah, I was so pumped when I saw you had finally found it at Toys R us on instagram!

    Also, yah it's hard to give into buying the utility Buzz since it's exactly the same as the original except the belt for the belt addition and that the package is a little different. I just don't know if I'd spend the 80 bucks (or whatever it was) for an almost identical Buzz, you know? It would be cool to have none the less if it wasn't so pricey!

    Thanks for taking the time to check things out here!