Friday, September 27, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Space Aliens 3-Pack

My coverage of the Toy Story Collection by Thinkway continues with this Space Aliens 3-Pack! This TSC release of the Pizza Planet aliens was the first time you could actually get the movie size replica from the film. These guys are great! Of course the aliens in Toy Story, when in toy mode, all had the same facial expressions, giving them all slightly different poses in this collectible was a fun little touch. 

The main problem with these, as much as I love them, is that they don't squeak even though they're supposed to be exact replicas from movie! Bummer. How hard would it have been to make these little guys squeak-able? Oh well, it's still great to have all three of Andy's aliens on display with the rest of my Toy Story collection. It wouldn't be complete without them!

Also, as always with the TSC, these guys come with a certificate of authenticity as proof that you have the best, most film accurate replicas out there!  

Additionally, these have also been released individually as single packs and were available exclusively at Target stores. Sometimes I still see this 3-pack and the individual packs randomly around but for the the most part these are pretty hard to find these days and sell between $75-$100 on Ebay.

By the way, who else wants an actual replica of the Pizza Planet Crane Game at the Pizza Planet in Disney World where you can actually win these. I'm super surprised they haven't done that yet!

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