Monday, September 2, 2013

Cars: Curio Shop Playset

 Day two of the Cars Radiator Springs play sets! Today we have my personal favorite...the Curio Shop from 2006 by Mattel. I just especially love the details and design of this one for some reason. It just always stood out to me! It's extremely well made and very movie accurate. I would say this is currently the most rare/most expensive (to get complete with accessories) of the play sets but sometimes you can find a good deal on eBay so keep checking often.

 As seen in the film, this is Lizzie's favorite hang out spot (Lizzie not included)!

 Flashing light up sign (stay tuned for video of all the sets together at night with the working lights). 

 Opens up to reveal road signs and "curios."

 Includes this launcher to launch cars up the ramp and into the store!

And here is a preview of the town all put together! More detailed pics coming later after each individual play set is posted. Stay tuned!

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